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  • South American Eartheaters-Monthly Meeting

South American Eartheaters

Thu, Apr 06, 2023   7:00 pm

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Monthly Meeting


This presentation covers the general ecology and husbandry of cichlid fishes (Subtribe Geophagina) that make their living sifting the substratum for edible food items. It also covers some of the other cichlids that make their living in the same way, despite the absence of an important anatomical adaption required for inclusion in the Geophagina, such as Guianacara and Retroculus. The presentation includes photos of wild habitats, fishes in the aquarium – both common to hobbyists and undescribed by science, and, of course, husbandry details. The presentation is approximately 60 minutes in duration. 

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Lee NewmanLee Newman, of Vancouver, Canada, has been keeping freshwater fishes for over 50 years – mostly focusing on South American cichlids.  He shares a modest fishroom with his wife, Lisa, while working on a long-term project on the identification, ecology, and husbandry of the genus Satanoperca.

Now retired, Lee was a Aquarium Biologist and Curator in the Tropical Department at the Vancouver Aquarium for 33 years. Lee is also an award-winning writer and photographer and has participated in field excursions to Peru, Brazil, and Suriname.