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  • Board Update - August 2020

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The new Board of Directors conveined August 20.  Typically a new Board meets in June, but due to an absence of general meetings in the Spring, elections were held only earlier this month.

Elected at the August general meeting:
  • Willie Loh as President
  • Teresa Seaberg and Randy Carey as Directors
The first order of business was to fill an open position and to select/confirm the ex officio officers:
  • Andrew Henderson fills the Director position that opened due to Willie becoming President
  • Treasurer:  retain Curt Kafer
  • Secretary: retain Clark Orlaska
  • Under-Director (backup for Treasurer and Secretary):  Brad Swans fills the seat by the retiring Milo Squires
Programs and their Chairpersons
This year each program is being reviewed, including some updates in Chair positions.  The new/current chairs have been update on the website: Volunteers, Committees, and Chairs.  Each Chair is expected to provide a "plan" as for what is to be accomplished.  We also will be identifying metrics that will show progress over the months to come.

At this meeting, the following chairs presented their summary plans for the coming year:
  • Curt Kafer on Finances
  • Andrew Henderson on Membership
  • Teresa Seaberg on Promotions (building relationships with stores and manufacturers)
  • Willie Low on Programs (speakers) 
Plans for the other programs/departments will be presented over the next two months.

Salient Decisions:
  • The just-completed auction was a success and we aim to run a larger auction in October.  Brad is looking for a location, tehn we announce the date/details.
  • Community Outreach (rename of Schooling for Schools) is working on placing used tanks in some facilities
  • We will be making MAS shirts available for purchase online and pickup at the Auction distribution site
  • The website now may list the received requests for help in areas like rehoming fish and availability of donated items. 

Minutes of past Board meetings and of elections are accessible to all members.

If you are a member and would like to sit in on the Board meetings, let us know through the contact-us page.