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  • Zebra Mussels found in Moss Balls

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A report has surfaced that the invasive Zebra Mussel has been found by a Seattle Petco employee inspecting a new arrival of moss balls.  One can only speculate the consequences this may have on the sale and distribution of aquarium plants.  Below is the text of this report as we received it (from our 'Surrender Program' partner Habitattitude).

Morning all,

I have a troubling sighting report from Seattle. A PetCo employee has been finding zebra mussels attached and inside moss balls sold as aquarium plants (see photos below). I entered this record into NAS and have been in contact with the WA AIS community. The more significant danger is these moss balls being distributed across the U.S.

I wanted to bring this to your attention.

initially sent by Wesley M. Daniel, PhD