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This week (Nov 1) the local news has included the story of how tens of thousands of goldfish are being netted and removed from local lakes and waterways.  Apparently some well-intentioned individual released some no-longer-wanted goldfish into local waters a few years ago, and that initial population exploited into a very significant nusiance.

MPR article on goldfish, invasive species, and MASNovember 1:  MPR article on goldfish as invasive species, and a recommendation of MAS's Surrender program as part of a solution.MAS has been actively involved in a Surrender program where anyone from the public may bring unwanted fish for MAS to rehome (or handle as the DNR instructs).  In this recent article by MPR  the recommended solution states... "Owners who can’t keep a pet any longer should return it to the pet store or take it to a surrender event, often hosted by the Minnesota Aquarium Society," and the statement links to our programs page.   Our efforts are being recognized and appreciated beyond the organized hobby.

Further, this week (Nov 2-6) 950 professionals and ecosystem experts are attending online the Upper Midwest Invasive Species Conference (   During this conference, MAS will be presenting a overview of its Surrender program.

We hope to hold our next Surrender event during our January 23 auction.  Implementing a Surrender event takes a bit more work than it did when we held single-day in-person auctions -- but we can make this work.  We can use some MAS members to volunteer within this program.  If you would like to help us implement our Surrender events, please let us know through our Contact Us page