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BAP/HAP - March 3-13, 2021

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This auction includes 49 items
Susswassertang Plants
Common Name: Susswassertang
Characteristics: low-light, medium-light, C02 unnecessary
currently grown in: Low to low medium light
Susswassertang is growing well at bottom of tank with other plants blocking out much of the light. That is why this should do well in low to low/medium light.  ...
ends Mar 10, 10:00 pm
Caulerpa Mexicana
Caulerpa Mexicana Plants
Common Name: Caulerpa macro algae
Characteristics: medium-light, high-light
currently grown in: Saltwater aquarium
This is for saltwater NOT freshwater. Currently this is in a pico (less than five gallon) saltwater setup. Most people would likely have in saltwater sump or re ...
ends Mar 10, 10:00 pm
Najas guadalapensis
Najas guadalapensis Plants
Common Name: Guppy Grass
Characteristics: low-light, medium-light
currently grown in: Low medium light
Guppy grass. Can float in aquarium in low medium light.   Not my photo.
11 USD
ends Mar 10, 10:00 pm
 Java Mos
Java Mos Plants
Common Name: Java Mos
Big piece 
11 USD
ends Mar 10, 10:00 pm
Hygrophila difformis
Hygrophila difformis Plants
Common Name: Water Wisteria
Characteristics: medium-light, fast-growth
Fast growing easy plant. Can float in tank and it may then send out root runners that find way into substrate.   Not my photo.
ends Mar 10, 10:00 pm
Limnobium laevigatum
Limnobium laevigatum Plants
Common Name: Frogbit
Characteristics: low-light, medium-light, high-light, fast-growth, C02 unnecessary
currently grown in: TDS: 250, Temp: 74, pH: 7.5
Large portion of frogbit. Super easy floating plant.
ends Mar 10, 10:00 pm
Hygroryza aristata
Hygroryza aristata Plants
Common Name: Asian watergrass
Characteristics: high-light, hard-to-find species
currently grown in: 29 gallon higher light. Two led fixtures.
Floating plant . Unsure if co2 will help but this is floating plant currently  under two led lights and is growing for me. I believe this has also benefited fro ...
ends Mar 10, 10:00 pm
 Duck weed
Duck weed Plants
Common Name: Duck weed
1 bag of duck weed 
ends Mar 10, 10:00 pm