How it works

  • week before the BAP/HAP auction: MAS members may use the online system to list the species they've bred (BAP) or propagated (HAP, plants). 
  • Wednesday evening: All items need to be listed at least 24 hours before the auction closes.  Fellow members may bid on these items until bidding is closed.
  • Thursday evening at 10:00pm (Central time):  bidding is closed.
  • Friday:  Winning bidders will submit their payments here:  We will accept checks when you pickup, but we prefer you make payment online.
  • Saturday: Those submitting bags need to drop them off between 10:00am and noon.  Winning bidders may pickup their bags from noon through 2:00pm. Both parties will be sent the address of the drop-off/pickup location, which is near our normal meeting location (Roseville, within a mile off of Hwy 36 & Dale).


  • If you are unable to drop off your bags at the given time/location, you should not be submitting listings or bidding on items.  If you fail to pickup your items in a timely fashion, the items are subject to being forfeited.
  • Standard BAP/HAP rules apply:
    • one must be an MAS member to submit and to bid.
    • BAP fish should be at least 60 days old and at least four being submitted.
  • If you run into a problem or want more information on BAP/HAP online, use this form: