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Candidates for President

Elect one. Term is one year as president followed by another year as vice president.

Willie Loh


After keeping fish in junior high, I returned to the hobby 25 years ago when I moved to Minneapolis and set up a fish room. At first, I focused on breeding discus. Since then, I’ve also raised angelfish, including altums, and spawned South Americans like German rams, Corydoras, Hypancistrus, etc. I also enjoy keeping ornamental livebearers, such as fancy guppies and hi-fin, lyretail variatus and swords.

I chanced on MAS in the mid-90’s and joined up immediately. I loved coming to the monthly meetings to learn about new types of fish and plants and worked nearly every single MAS auction and fish show since. Since retirement, I’ve been able to devote many more hours on club activities, including raising donations for the Fish Expo, organizing fish room/fish store tours, helping to set up the virtual auction and organizing the speakers program. 

Why I am running

I’ve enjoyed my membership for 20+ years and want to make sure our members, old and new, feel the same by making MAS even more successful. MAS can continue to grow by providing more and higher quality events to our members. Going virtual means we can have more speakers, even international ones. A virtual auction system let’s have more frequent auctions. After Covid-19, we can do more physical events like the fish room/fish store tours. The Fish Expo can expand to include fish/plant/aquascape competitions, exhibits by equipment manufacturers and local fish stores and visits by aquatic experts. Aquarists in North and South Dakota, Iowa and greater Minnesota may participate virtually and drive in for the bigger events.