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Candidates for President

Elect one. Term is one year as president followed by another year as vice president.

Clark Orlaska

member since: 200?


When I was old enough to drive, I started going around every Saturday morning to see what new fish had come into the shops in the Milwaukee area. This started a lifelong passion to keep and keep well a variety of fish. I've had some specialities over the years. Early on I kept as many tetras as I could find, kept planted tanks, and have specialized in discus. Currently, I'm living vicariously through others, as I've not found the right space in our current home for my tanks.

Why I am running

At every step in my fish and plant keeping hobby I've benefitted from other people helping me be successful in the hobby. As part of the Minnesota Aquarium Society, I have been a director, president, vice-president, and am currently club secretary and Zoom moderator. Each of these positions have helped me repay the hobby for all the fun it's brought me. That said, I also believe that the strength of club is built on the number of people helping out. Fingers crossed, we'll be able to add some in-person activities in addition to maintaining our "Zoom" only time. We have a fabulous board. And, Willie will be vice-president and will help maintain momentum on current initiatives. We also need to be able to count on our fabulous membership of nearly 300 members. Our goal is to help aquarists be more successful. And, it's my ask of you, that as you're more successful, you will help the club be more successful. If asked, help out. We're all stronger when we work together to build your's and the club's success. Cheers to success in the hobby for all.