the former "Book Points Program"

At the beginning of 2017 the Book Points Program was replaced.  This program originated in the '90s as recognition for BAP and HAP submissions.  It was a time when MAS had special access to books and when books were the main source of education.  For a number of reasons, this program incurred increasing debt and was no longer effective in its original goals.

As a replacement, the value of the original program is now managed by the BAP and HAP programs.  To maintain the educational value and incentive of the original program, members who submit BAP and HAP bags will receive credit toward their membership in MAS.

Those with a book points balance who would like to redeem them for books (or memberships in other aquarium-related groups) should redeem them by the end of 2018.  Come 2019 book point balances will no longer be maintained.  Please contact the BAP or HAP chairs for more information about redemption.