Minnesota Aquarium Society presents


Hagfors Center, Augsburg University, Minneapolis



9 A.M. - 6 P.M.



Choose from a variety of presentations to increase your success in the hobby. 

Each of the options will be presented by local or national experts. You’ll have a chance to ask questions, meet, and talk with them and discover the knowledge and experience they have to share. 

Visit the Presentations Page for the complete list and summaries.


Explore the displays showcasing over 100 aquaria.  Take your time viewing the displays set up by some of the best aquarists the Twin Cities has to offer.  Grouped by theme, you can study the fish and plant groups that interest you, such as cichlids, livebearers, catfishes, aquascaping, and more. Throughout the day local experts will be standing nearby to answer your questions or explain what you are viewing.


Not only will you leave the Expo inspired, but you will be able to talk to local sellers, gain information, and leave with hard-to-find fish, plants, driftwood, and aquarium-related supplies.


Every hour we'll be placing several items up for raffle.  Equipment, fish food, fish, plants, magazine subscriptions.  Even if you can attend for only an hour or two, you can purchase some tickets and give the raffle a try.  All purchases help the members of the Minnesota Aquarium Society (MAS) bring the EXPO 2022 to you for free.

One-on-One Advice

MAS volunteers will be wearing green Expo t-shirts so you know who you can ask for advice.  Having a problem with your tank?  Looking for a local expert in some area? Ready to set up one tank or do you want to build your own fish room of tanks?  Want to try something new like breeding, preparing live foods, high-tech planted tanks, aquarium photography, or similar?  Just ask a volunteer to connect you with the right person.


It’s time to connect with others who share your passion in this hobby. We are local aquarists who gather monthly to share information, experiences, and even fish and plants.  Learn from seasoned aquarists.  We are local hobbyists from beginners to master aquarists.  Allow yourself to be motivated to venture deeper into this hobby and to accept new challenges.  Join MAS. We’ll be happy to meet you and be there to help you find the resources, advice, and encouragement, to be more successful.


Want to see what happens behind the scenes at the EXPO and create a special opportunity for you to interact and learn from MAS members? Well, many hands make light work and all hands are welcome. Click to the Volunteer Sign Up and choose a time slot or slots that work for you! The faster we put things together, the more time there is for visiting and learning. Thanks in advance for signing up!